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Elefantzonen ble oppdatert for siste gang i 2011.
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A Room of One’s Own

Dagens soundtrack: Brian Reitzell & Roger J. Manning Jr. – On the Subway

(Fra soundtracket til Lost in Translation)

Om å kommunisere: Så nært som noen kan komme til å forstå noen som helst

Clarity is of no importance because nobody listens and nobody knows what you mean no matter what you mean, nor how clearly you mean what you mean. But if you have vitality enough of knowing enough of what you mean, somebody and sometime and sometimes a great many will have to realize that you know what you mean and so they will agree that you mean what you know, what you know you mean, which is as near as anybody can come to understanding any one.

— Gertrude Stein, «Four in America» (1933)

Paul Auster

Every life is inexplicable, I kept telling myself. No matter how many facts are told, no matter how many details are given, the essential thing resists telling. To say that so and so was born here and went there, that he did this and did that, that he married this woman and had these children, that he lived, that he died, that he left behind these books or this battle or that bridge – none of that tells us very much.

— Paul Auster, The New York Trilogy

Et tre i Brooklyn

Visdom & cortado

In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.

David Ogilvy

Hvordan vennskap blir til

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: «What! You too?
I thought I was the only one.»

C.S. Lewis

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